Death to IE 6

Death to IE 6

Got an email from iStockphoto today saying they are withdrawing support for Internet Explorer 6 from 2010. This reminded me of a statement I read from 37signals some months ago that they were phasing out support for Internet Explorer 6.

I read this initial article with much interest as this browser causes me an enormous amount of stress, unbelievably however, it still has a market share of around 20%, although I wouldn’t be surprised if half of that is developers and designers looking at page views over and over until they’ve fixed a problem.

I probably spend 50% of my development time hacking style sheets and html so that web pages work in this browser. If I could choose one thing I hate most about my job, hacking pages to work in IE6 would win hands down.

So please, do me (and web designers of the world) a favour, download a new browser, they’re all free.

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UPDATE (20/02/09): Norwegian Websites Declare War on IE 6. Go Norway.