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Flash, Opera Mini & the iPhone

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Opera mini browser

Opera mini on the iPhone

The Gradual Disappearance Of Flash Websites

Flash is a proprietary product that sits on top of the browser to extend functionality. While Flash may have provided missing functionality for some time, it brings little value to modern browsers. As more and more designers and developers realize the benefits of Web standards and start using some of the features of HTML5 and CSS3, we’ll see fewer Flash-driven websites.

As usual another interesting post from Smashing Magazine. I haven’t built anything in Flash for some time and now use jQuery on most sites and am quite happy doing so. This article also ties in nicely with the news that Opera Mini App has been approved for the App Store by Apple who continue to refuse support for Adobe Flash on the iPhone/iPad and that Adobe has released Creative Suite 5 while it also appears that Apple will ban apps developed with Flash from the App Store.

I don’t think Apple and Adobe are the best of friends right now.