Unicorn Press Website Design

Responsive e-commerce web design for Unicorn Press

Web design and front end development for Unicorn Press, publishers of cultural history and art books. This responsive design, a quick turnaround for a launch to coincide with the Frankfurt Book Fair, is built on Twitter Bootstrap.

3D Jackets Images

We used Cover Commander software to create 3D jacket images for featured titles on the home page. The staff at Unicorn can upload images to a folder on the server via the Content Management System and the jacket images are automatically generated and put into a folder that is referenced by the template with a fallback to a standard cover image if no 3D image has been generated.

Responsive Scroller

In addition to a standard single item banner scroller I also implemented a really useful feature in the Flexslider 2 image scroller which allows you to set a dynamic min/max range on the items contained within the scroller. You can set breakpoints parameters in the slider JS file to specify the amount of items on display, for example, at 900px and above you can have 4 items, but under 600px wide you can set the number to 2.

You have to refresh the browser for this to take effect, so it’s not fully dynamic, but I’m fairly sure people don’t resize their browsers in the way I do for testing purposes so I don’t really see this as an issue.

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