Adobe Edge Tools

I hate Adobe. It’s a big, stinking software behemoth that makes crap software. And I’m not alone, I just Googled ‘I hate Adobe’ and apparently 59% of people agree with me. However, my stance is softening a little since I’ve been playing around with Adobe Edge Code and Adobe Edge Inspect.

I usually use Dreamweaver to code, largely because we have licenses for it at work, but I don’t go near the WYSIWYG editor in it, WTF would I? I largely think the web has gone beyond using WYSIWYG editors, even before the emergence of responsive design. I’ve never found a WYSYWIG editor that outputs decent HTML anyway, it’s much better to preview the page in a browser anyway.

The new Adobe software, Adobe Edge Code and Adobe Edge Inspect, are really pretty promising from my initial experiences.

I particularly like the ability to edit the relevant CSS for elements within the HTML itself in Edge Code, put the cursor over the element press CTRL/Command + E and the relevant CSS is displayed. Circumvents the need to open up the CSS file and locate the relevant code.

Edge Inspect allows me to hook up my iPhone to Google Chrome over Wi-fi and debug and edit the mobile version of the site.

Edge Code isn’t ready to use in my work-flow just yet, it doesn’t seem to support ASP or files with page includes, but hopefully with more development work this will be possible.