Transatlantic Publishers Group Website

Transatlantic Publishing Group home page

Been a while since we published one of my designs at Ehaus, but we’ve just launched a new e-commerce bookshop website for Transatlantic Publishers Group.

This is the first site I’ve worked on that makes use of several CSS3 selectors including rounded corners and gradients. We had intended to use a Google Web Font, Droid Serif, but I didn’t think that it rendered all that well. In the end I chose Rockwell, which is not an altogether common font, with a fallback of Georgia.

CSS opacity or PNG

30% PNG opacity (left) and GIF fallback for IE (right)

There’s actually quite a bit of fallback on this site, I also used some transparent PNG’s but I noticed they fade from top to bottom in IE7 for some reason I couldn’t get to the bottom of why this was happening so I had to improvise a bit and create an alternate GIF image.

Firefox is on the left and IE7 on the right of this image. You can see the difference in the transparency on the background of the seach box as well as the CSS3 rounded corners in Firefox.