New Website for Le Café Anglais

Le Café Anglais home page on dektop, mobile and tablet

Just launched a new site for Le Café Anglais, an Anglo-French restaurant in London which I’ve had the fortune to visit a couple of times since originally developing a site for them a few years ago. It’s the first client site that I’ve worked on that has a responsive design.

Responsive Design Approach

Not sure if this kind of design approach would be entirely practical for most of our clients at Ehaus. Our e-commerce sites normally have much more complex layouts than this and clients tend to have far more control over content in our Content Management System.

Having said that we’ll almost certainly be doing more of this kind of work, although it may be the case that we may take an approach where we develop separate sites for smaller screen sizes.

The thing with this way of designing, where you use media queries to load different CSS for various screen sizes, is that you have to be very strict about the amount of control editors can have, in reality you have to give them almost no control over layout and just let them add copy and assign images to articles.

I have to say that the restaurant is very good as I think the images of their food on the home page do a very good job of demonstrating.