CSS3 selectors

CSS 3 Selectors

Just been reading this great article, CSS Selectors Explained, over at the 456 Barrea Street website. Been using CSS3 on an in-house project I’m working on but very much with the future in mind. The article is actually from early 2006 which I think demonstrates how slowly things are moving on with CSS3, it is still a working draft I know, and the popularity of Internet Explorer is hindering adoption too, but the selectors I’ve been using are really useful.

Interesting to note that, according to the Ars Technica website, the market share for IE dropped below 60% in April 2010, whilst Google Chrome is on the rise with a 6.73% market share which is already nearly as much as Safari (4.72%) and Opera (2.3%) combined. Firefox currently has a 24.59% share.

The support for more advanced CSS in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera is pretty good but until IE6 and IE7 die a death I can’t see me using many of the new selectors.

Whilst we’re talking about browsers I was also interested to note that Mozilla, Opera and Google have announced a new collaborative project entitled WebM to develop a high-quality, open video format for the web that is freely available to everyone.

I also discovered some useful CSS Help Sheets at gosqared.com.