Magnet Mouse Branding

logo and business card designs for Magnet Mouse

Been working on branding for Magnet Mouse, a new venture in baby clothing, and have just had some business cards printed by

They are double-sided and feature a lovely hand-drawn mouse illustration of the company mascot designed by Mouse Allen, the company founder and director. I considered that the mouse illustration would work really well down to a reasonably small-scale but at a very small-scale, for example clothing labels, it would be a little too complex to render effectively so we would need an alternative for such situations.

As a result I came up with an alternative logo incorporating the star from the wand of the mouse illustration with the first letter from company name.

website colour palette

Colour palette for Magnet Mouse

I based a colour palette around the main teal colour they were keen to use for the business.

I’m also working on a new e-commerce website for them which will launch later in the year.