My New Business Cards

front end web developer business cards

I’m now a freelance website designer and picked up my new personalised business cards that I designed from in Shoreditch.

It’s the first time I’ve used rounded corners and the first time I’ve taken advantage of the multiple image upload for the design of one side of the cards that Moo offer. The multiple designs are essentially the same, just a different background colour using pink, orange, blue and green.

I intend to use different base colours on this website at different times so, although I currently use pink throughout the site, base colours will change in the future. The logo on the card also reflects this by incorporating a gradient border.

Joe Pike Web designer business cards printed by Moo

The cards are gloss laminated giving them a silky finish which is really nice to the touch although this can make them a little difficult to write on. ballpoint pens at the ready for these ones.

User interfce design London

Very happy with the cards and look forward to handing them out, hopefully they’ll generate a bit of business for me.